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Kedrion Biopharma joins IPOPI in supporting patients with APP PID Genius

This new APP, presented at the IPIC Congress in Dubai, will be the personal assistant to people living with PIDs

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Hemophilia seen through children's eyes: Kedrion teams up with LA Kelley

Three books of the series My First Factor Creation are now available for free download

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SIPPET study results published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”

This investigator-initiated clinical study involved 42 hemophilia treatment centers from all over the world

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  1. EVENTS - 30-07-2014

    New offices in Mexico City

    Kedrion opens new offices in Mexico City. Its plasma-derived products offer treatment for rare disorders

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  2. CORPORATE - 20-05-2014

    Kedrion, one of Italy’s most innovative companies in 2014

    The MIT Technology Review Italia’s award given in Bologna in mid-May

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  3. CORPORATE - 17-04-2014

    5-year unrated EUR 300 million bond successfully launched

    The bonds have been placed with leading international institutional investors and will be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange

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