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Privacy Notice

Kedrion Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. is a company established pursuant to the laws of Mexico, which is firmly committed to the proper handling of personal data and is responsible for the data that it collects from its holders or from specific  third parties, including its correct use and protection.

Personal data provided or collected by any method shall only be used for contacting you if so indicated or in order to provide services and products requested. Only data entered in the "contact" link or data provided by other physical or electronic methods shall be collected .

Likewise, Kedrion may receive data provided to it by any method during the carrying out of its corporate purpose and during the provision of its services, which shall only be used to supply services and products requested, to fulfill contracted obligations or for statistical and scientific purposes, which shall not be transferred barring exceptions and using the procedures stipulated in applicable legal regulations.

Kedrion undertakes to ensure that data provided by any method is processed pursuant to the strictest security measures possible, guaranteeing its confidentiality and shall not release the information provided barring legal exceptions and pursuant to corresponding procedures or unless so requested by competent authorities.

When surfing this website, undetected data may be collected such as cookies, web beacons or similar data, which provide information regarding type of browser, operating system, pages visited, links or IP address among others and which may be disabled or deleted. We therefore recommend that you read the manual or "help" section of your browser.

In the case of access, rectification, modification, cancellation or opposition in relation to personal data provided by any method, you may contact Kedrion at the following email account: [email protected] where you shall receive assistance and the corresponding reply from our processing and data protection managers. In order to exercise these rights, you will need to comply with the procedure stipulated on this website.

For any additional information, you may also contact us at the aforementioned email address

in order to properly deal with your request, we do hereby request that you indicate your contact data so that we may identify you (such as full name, email address and postal address).

Kedrion reserves the right to modify or update the above notice if necessary pursuant to current standards or as a result of an improvement to our policies. Any modification or update, as the case may be, shall be carried out and published using this same method.


if you need to exercise your rights of access, modification, cancellation or opposition regarding data provided or collected, you may contact Kedrion at the following email address: [email protected] where you shall receive assistance and a reply from the Department responsible for the processing and protection of personal data. You may also at any time revoke your consent free of charge.

In order to exercise your rights, you will need to send your request to the aforementioned email address along with a copy of your official identification and the contact information that will allow us to identify you (such as your full name, telephone number, email address and postal address), indicating the way in which you prefer to be contacted, i.e. by ordinary mail or email.

In order to protect your personal data and, as the case may be, in order to be able to properly exercise your rights, you must also: i) in the case of access, provide a clear explanation of the personal data you wish to access; ii) in the case of rectification, specify the data you wish to rectify and, as the case may be, attach the document justifying the rectification; iii) in the case of cancellation, specify the data you wish to cancel and the purpose of the processing of your data; and, iv) in the case of opposition, specify the reasons you oppose the processing. In all cases, we also recommend that you provide any other appropriate information in order to help us to locate the requested information.

Once your request has been received and confirmed by means of acknowledgment of receipt sent to the email address you have provided to us, you will receive the corresponding reply within a maximum period of 20 days. If, when providing or collecting your personal information, an email account was provided, the reply will be sent to said email address if so requested. Otherwise, for your safety and in order to protect your personal data, you will need to come to the address indicated on the notice of privacy with the original of your official ID.

If your request is accepted, Kedrion is firmly committed to validating said request within 15 business days from the date on which you receive the reply to your request.

If you do not have an email address, your hand signed request may be sent by ordinary or certified mail to Kedrion, addressed to the Department responsible for the processing and protection of personal data; in which case, the same procedure shall be followed carrying out the corresponding notifications by mail to your domicile, without prejudice to the fact that, in order to deliver the reply and carry out the corresponding actions, you may need to come to the address of Kedrion with your official ID in order to prove your identity and thus protect your information.

Kedrion reserves the right to extend the aforementioned deadlines on one single occasion, for the same amount of time solely when the specific circumstances of the case so require, said situation which shall also the informed and notified by the same methods.